April 26, 2015

Ideal workplace wishlist

Looking for a job, I wrote down things that I find important so I can narrow my search and be more focused. I got plenty of inspiration from Julia Evans post on the subject, so I thought it will be nice to share my list too. So, in my view, an ideal employer: Is creating software to promote meaningful causes that I can relate to. Has an open and transparent culture that promotes teamwork, creativity and employees initiatives. Read more

April 25, 2015

A selfish justification for altruism

During college I was lucky enough to get my parents old car. Driving to college was much nicer than using public transportation or hitchhiking. Considering I didn't buy the car myself, and the fact that I used to hitchhike before I got one, I had an ambivalent feeling towards picking other hitchhikers. On the one hand I totally identified with their need, and on the other, sometimes I just didn't feel like picking up a stranger. Read more

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