Pycubator - Open Source Python Training

Preparing to teach my first Python class, I searched the web for teaching materials I can use and came up almost empty handed. There is a great variety of Python open books like Dive into Python and How to Think Like a Computer Scientist but they are all for autodidactic purposes and not for classroom teaching.

Pycubator is my attempt at establishing an open source Python training slides and exercises that the community of Python teachers can use and hopefully contribute to. It utilize RevealJS to create stunning slides, that are actually written in Markdown and hence easy to use with source control, and the exercises uses and the exercises are actually Jupyter notebooks so students can run their code straight away.

The classes are constructed to allow a lot of exercise. After a topic is covered by the instructor, there are exercises to help the knowledge sink in, and after covering a few topics there is a mini-project to exercise writing some larger scale programs (credit here goes to Udi Oron for sharing his exercises and hands on approach).

You can find the materials at my GitHub repository and a the live slides at

Check it out!