February 13, 2020

Flexible work schedules - not just an employee perk

For many of us, programming is a hobby as well as a job. But, I can say that for most of my professional career, as much as I enjoy programming, I didn’t really enjoy having a job as a programmer. That’s a shame because you would expect that if you do something that you love, you’ll also enjoy doing it for a living, but somehow it wasn’t that great. Read more

December 13, 2019

Hacking team communications

One of the daunting things in managing a team is being up to date with what is going on. On one hand, it’s crucial to be up to speed with the team’s progress, but on the other, I hate continuously asking about status or dreadful standup meetings. I guess being an individual contributor up until now, I remember not enjoying this type of management practices. It took me a while to figure out a technique that works well for my needs: Read more

August 10, 2019

Meeting protocols

Engineering teams have a few types of meetings that repeat themselves: weekly, 1:1s, design review, etc. I found that for each type of these meetings having a concrete protocol, firm recurring schedule (where applicable), meeting record, and the meeting doc shared in advance between the members have great benefits, mostly: Individual expression - team members know they’ll get an appropriate stage for their ideas/complaints/feelings so they can express them to me and the other team members in a (hopefully) proactive way. Read more

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